86’ing Aerosol: Goodbye Spray Adhesives, Hello Dual-Tack Platen Tape

Aerosol sprays contain chemicals that are carcinogenic and toxic to our bodies as well as our environment. To limit our usage of these harmful products, we’ve stepped away from spray adhesives commonly used to secure garments onto the platen. In place of these, our printers apply dual-tack platen tape to the platens, which is a platen tape that’s sticky on both sides to hold the shirt in place without having to apply spray adhesives. The adhesive of this dual-tack tape can be reactivated by wiping it down with a wet sponge - only water is necessary, no soap! 

Overall this platen tape is a game changer as it not only allows us to ditch the spray adhesives, but it has also limited the amount of platen tape we dispose of as the fuzz from garments can be scrubbed away with a damp sponge, allowing us to reuse this tape for much longer. 

Here’s a Link to the dual-tack platen tape we use (and highly recommend).

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