Environmentally-Conscious, Ethical Brands for Office Supplies

For many businesses, big or small, many of the run-of-the-mill office supplies are purchased without a second thought. Most of the time, price is a contributing factor. This pattern not only contributes to much of the plastic waste filling our landfills, but also to massive corporations that have been at the forefront of large-scale environmental destruction for the last 50+ years and increase this damage day by day. 

At Threadbare, we think one of the best ways to make an impact is to purchase as much of our products and supplies from environmentally-conscious, ethical brands. While this initially takes time and can cost a little more money, this investment is something that each and every business should already be making in order to reduce our ecological impact. 

To save you some time and headaches, we've compiled a list of our favorite brands/products that not only align with our personal mission of ethical sustainability, but also provide quality products at manageable prices. 

Office Depot's GreenerOffice™ - This is the most budget-friendly option. We mainly use Office Depot for our printer paper needs since they offer many recycled-content and chlorine-free options. For those who are trying to purchase strictly from sustainable and ethical companies/manufacturers, some investigative work may be necessary as large companies like Office Depot don't often confirm that the products they market as eco-friendly are, in fact, sustainably and ethically produced. 

BlueLand - This is a great company making eco-friendly cleaning products that don't break the bank! Additionally, BlueLand is Cradle to Cradle Certified®. This certification is a globally-recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products that have positive impacts on people and the planet. 

Marley’s Monsters - An awesome, local business in Eugene, Oregon that makes eco-friendly alternatives to paper towels, napkins, straws, utensils, and even household cleaning supplies! While the pricing isn't as low as some of the online-based eco-friendly brands within this list, this is because all of the fabric and wood items sold by Marley's Monsters are homemade (and high quality, as well!)

Who Gives A Crap - This company is one of our personal favorites. As a subscriber, you can get 100% recycled content TP (as well as a 100% bamboo option) that is ethically sourced and relatively budget-friendly at ~$1 per roll. They also offer "Forest-Friendly" tissue paper and paper-towels made with bamboo and sugarcane. 

Alternatively, if DIY suits you better, there are tons of ingredients that can be used to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products, and you may already have some of these laying around! Here’s a blog post from EarthEasy that lists all of the natural ingredients that can be used to make safer cleaning products. It also lists plenty of different recipes for nearly every single cleaning task one could possibly imagine. 

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