Best Practices

New Innovations: "Live" Algae Ink!

This time around, we're focusing on an exciting new innovation in ink: algae! 

Embracing the Unknown

The Core Values of Threadbare Print House - Move with Purpose, Accelerate the Craft, Kickass Everyday, and Embrace the Unknown
This blog post goes over one of the recent ways we've embraced the unknown and a new service we provide: on-demand, heat pressed customizations. Thank you for reading!

Being Community-Focused

Being Community-Focused
Today's blog post focuses on some of the ways we build and maintain our ties with the local community.

86’ing Aerosol: Goodbye Spray Adhesives, Hello Dual-Tack Platen Tape

86’ing Aerosol: Goodbye Spray Adhesives, Hello Dual-Tack Platen Tape
Today we're focusing on how we've managed to ditch aerosol sprays and even replace them with a dual-tack platen tape that's able to be used for much longer than traditional platen tapes.

The Garments

The Garments
This week's blog post is centered around garments that are sustainably and ethically sourced as well as how we direct customers to these sources.

Water-Based Inks Replacing Plastisol

Threadbare Waterbased Ink Sustainable
This blog post addresses our incentive for avoiding the plastisol that's commonly used in the screen printing industry, along with the less-harmful alternative: water-based ink!

Getting to Know Threadbare: A (Virtual) Tour

This blog post goes over our efforts to create transparency within our business and building/maintaining connections with our local community.

"Best Practices" Blog

Threadbare Print House
This is an introduction to our blog on the sustainable and ethical business practices that our shop has employed. Thanks for reading!