Threadbare's Embroidery Department

Threadbare Logo Embroidery with Matte Thread

There are a lot of great reasons to choose embroidery for your garment-decorating needs. Whether you want a unique yet professional look, some added variety to your merch, or you simply find it aesthetically pleasing, embroidery can be a fantastic addition to the lineup. Alongside these reasons, embroidery also has its own special benefits. While ink might fade in the wash, embroidery doesn't fade across washes. In general, it tends to have a longer life on the garment relative to screen printing and heat pressed vinyl. 

In addition to the points mentioned above, embroidery also offers a lot of different possibilities for the appearance of the design. Stitches can be flat or puffy, glossy or matte, and can be placed on a larger variety of garments relative to screen printing. As of now, we can embroider hats, beanies, hoodies/sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts, polos, button-ups, denim, patches/swatches, masks, tote bags, fanny packs, some backpacks (contact us for more details on which backpacks will work), bandanas, and towels. If the item you'd like to get stitched isn't in the list above, feel free to reach out to us and we'll figure out if it's possible! 

 Lane United Football Club Embroidered Logo on Hat

Embroidered Andersen Construction Logo on Quarter Zip Fleece
Embroidered Andersen Construction Logo on Mountain Ridge Gear Duffle Bag
URSA Dad Hat with Embroidery by Threadbare
Willamette Valley Alchemy Trucker Hat with Embroidery
Polo Shirt with Embroidery by Threadbare
Backpack with Embroidered Threadbare Logo in Matte Thread
Dad Hat with Large Embroidered Patch
URSA Beanie with Embroidery by Threadbare
Up-Close View of Embroidered Andersen Construction Logo
Zoomed in View of Embroidery on a Polo with Glossy Thread